Two Fields Consulting is proud to be the Australasian agent for IXUS, the RF EME compliance management software developed by Alphawave (formerly EMSS Consulting).

IXUS is a proven and complete solution that helps network operators and compliance assessment companies to establish and maintain RF EME compliance. Consider the following IXUS advantages:

Technically solid
  • Fast and reliable calculation engine for RF EME exposure assessments with a methodology that is open and published and based on international standards
  • Rigorous uncertainty model provided
  • Only one calculation required for an entire site containing many antennas
  • An extensive and audited antenna database which is continually being added to
  • Regular software update cycles with new features and bug fixes
  • Alphawave has a long pedigree of excellence in RF EME assessments:
    • The same company which developed FEKO and Antenna Magus
    • Active contributors to international RF EME assessment standards
User friendly
  • IXUS uses an intuitive full 3D CAD modeller based on an industrial graphics engine
  • Its user interface is designed by human factors usability experts
  • Feature requests are always welcomed from clients
  • Ease of use leads to faster turnaround of reports and greater productivity
  • Users like working with IXUS
Help is close at hand
  • User manual and video tutorials provided
  • Free on-site training when three or more licenses purchased
  • Alphawave provide rapid turnaround on technical queries by phone, skype or email
  • Maintenance and support provided free for leased licenses and for the first year after purchase
  • Alphawave can provide IXUS workflow reviews to identify possible efficiencies and cost savings in the use of IXUS
IXUS demo and feature videos
Extensive antenna database
  • IXUS incorporates the 1,362 antennas in the National Antenna Database
  • A further 2,311 antennas have been analysed and incorporated into IXUS
  • New antennas can be nominated by IXUS customers
Flexible purchase and leasing options
  • IXUS licenses can be either purchased or leased (SAAS)
  • Bulk discounts available for five or more licenses
Wide user base
  • IXUS is the most popular RF EME compliance software used in Australia
  • It is also used extensively in Canada and Central and Southern Africa, and in many other countries (e.g. UK, India, Malaysia, Norway, Serbia)
  • IXUS is also used by the same company which developed it
Great reports and document control
  • IXUS generates standardised reports from fully customisable MS Word templates
  • IXUS has templates for ACMA compliance reports and ARPANSA environmental reports
  • Assessment data is stored centrally in the IXUS manager database, so that reports can be quickly modified and updated for site changes
  • IXUS can generate 3D pdfs of models and hazards zones
Synchronisation with client databases
  • Alphawave can work with clients to synchronise their site information databases with IXUS
See the IXUS videos  Visit the Alphawave IXUS web site
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