Our Services: Policy

Our Services:  POLICY

EMF safety policy is an essential keystone of any EMF protection program and is recommended or mandated in relevant standards and guidelines. It not only sets the blueprint for managing EMF safety, but also signals the commitment of management to ensuring the safety of its workers and visitors.

Two Fields Consulting provides a wealth of experience and expertise in drafting EMF safety policy. Our knowledge not only extends from our diverse research activities, but also from a long and active involvement in the following national and international standards for EMF safety and exposure assessment:

  • ARPANSA: RPS3 standard
  • Standards Australia/NZ: 2772.1 and 2772.2 standards
  • IEEE ICES: C95.1 and C95.7 standards
  • IEC: 62232 standard

We have excellent writing and stakeholder consultation skills, and our staff have delivered on major projects such as:

  • Development and review of the ABC RF Safety Manual
  • Development and review of the FreeTV Engineering Guidelines for safe work practices at transmitter and studio sites
  • Review of the MTN BTS Design, Operational And Maintenance Guidelines Relating To Radio Wave Exposure
  • Development of the Vodafone BTS EME compliance manual
  • Review of Boeing Australia RF safety policies
  • Development of the National Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields for the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission

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