Our Services: TOOLS

At Two Fields Consulting we have a keen interest in developing software tools (spreadsheets, desktop software and online web tools) for explaining or facilitating EMF safety matters.

Spreadsheet tools

Our spreadsheet tools have been developed with Microsoft Excel, making use of its powerful VBA programming language. We have developed spreadsheet tools for clients which:

  • Compare recorded brain cancer trends in whole populations with calculated trends based on hypothetical risk models related to mobile phone use

  • Show key features of RF regulatory requirements for all countries around the world

  • Demonstrate the relative effect of different parameters for inducing RF power absorption (SAR) in the head from mobile phones

  • Calculate safe distances for magnetic field exposures from electric cables

  • Calculate tissue dielectric values at RF frequencies based on the Debye equations proposed by Hurt et al. and Gabriel et al.

Desktop software

With our associate, Sean Anderson, we have the capability to develop desktop applications for more numerically intensive EMF tools, using either the python or Java programming languages.

Using java, we developed the AntPaNT tool for the Mobile Carriers Forum. This tool displays the antenna pattern files for a mobile base station panel antenna and normalises the patterns according to user specified antenna element groupings. It can automatically import all of the antennas files from a planet folder, using smart processing to identify antenna file configurations (frequency, polarisation, port, tilt) from file and subfolder names and metadata in the files.

Using python, we have developed an application, UCshow, which applies Monte Carlo techniques for calculating uncertainties. The presentation below is a primer on calculating the uncertainty of RF assessments and demonstrates the use of this tool.

Online applications

Lastly, we have the capability to develop sophisticated online web tools, which provide the advantages of easy accessibility via web browsers, user interactivity, centralised management of software updates, and the ability to store and analyse user responses in a single central database.

Two Fields Consulting are partners with MEERQAT (meerqat.com.au) which provide a powerful online tool for tapping into the knowledge and experience of staff in assessing and improving the health of business processes or programs. EMF safety, like all safety programs, relies heavily on the proper implementation of processes and procedures and MEERQAT is the perfect tool for engaging staff in keeping them in good shape.

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